Construction Experience:

1.   General

  • Forty years in construction as corporate officer, project manager, estimator, expeditor, scheduler, salesman, troubleshooter, timekeeper, and administrator
  • Multiple project types – airports, bridges, casinos, convention centers, convocation centers, distribution centers, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, paper mills, pharmaceutical plants, power plants, prisons, refineries, schools, shopping malls, sports arenas, steel mills, stores, and warehouses

2.   Estimating, Sales, Contracts, and Project Management

  • Estimating including takeoffs and estimates
  • Sales including proposals, interviews, and closing deals
  • Contracts and subcontracts including review, negotiation, administration, and closeout
  • Project Management including planning, budgeting, scheduling, expediting, pricing, billing, changes, change orders, purchasing, production, quality, and safety
  • Fast-track construction

3.   Steel Construction

  • Heavy and complex structures with more than sixty (60) projects of > 3,000 tons/project
  • Multi-story buildings up to 75 stories including twenty-one (21) buildings of 35 stories or more in height
  • Steel erection work including hoisting, connecting, plumbing, bolting, welding, detailing, truss work, shoring / falsework, and erection stability
  • Metal floor deck, roof deck, siding, and flashing
  • Miscellaneous metals, grating, stairs, ladders, bar joists, and joist girders

4.   Concrete Construction

  • Precast concrete – structural, architectural, and stone-clad
  • Tilt-wall panels
  • Hollow core planking

5.   Claims and Disputes

  • Changes
  • Delays, Eichleay formula, extended and unabsorbed overhead
  • Schedule extension, acceleration, and recovery
  • Productivity loss
  • Work stoppage


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